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Doody Calls

Doody Calls Franchise

Investment: $73,000 – $80,000
Liquid Required: $65,000
Franchise Fee: $65,000
Royalty: 7.5%

Established: 1999
Franchised: 2004

DoodyCalls is the nation’s leading pet waste management service for homeowners and their communities. The company scoops over 10 million doggie deposits annually.

DoodyCalls was founded in 2000 by Jacob and Susan D’Aniello in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. In 2004, the company began franchising its pet waste removal business nationwide and established corporate headquarters in Charlottesville, VA (aka. Doo’Ville).

What We Do

  • Residential Pooper Scooper service
  • Deodorizing service
  • Community Pet Waste Station service & supplies
  • Community Common Area Cleanup
  • Goose Poop CleanupHorse Poop Management
  • For Dog Owners:

DoodyCalls offers year-round twice weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or one-time pooper scooping services for yards of all sizes. Our friendly and professional technicians will be there to answer nature’s call and clean up after your pet, leaving you with a safe and clean lawn for your family to enjoy.

For Communities:

  • DoodyCalls is the industry leader in managing pet waste for communities, offering common area cleanup and pet waste station setup and maintenance. We even provide waste station setup and supplies including dog poop bags, bag dispensers and dog waste bins.

WHY DoodyCalls Pet Waste Management?

  • There are 89 million dogs in the USA.
  • Dogs poop 66 million pounds of poop per day.
  • Dog poop is a “dangerous environmental pollutant” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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