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Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive

Investment: $454,000 – $582,000
Liquid Required: $100,000
Franchise Fee: $50,000
Royalty: 7%

Established: 1982
Franchised: 1996

A current leader in automotive franchising, and for good reason. Auto service and repair is always needed in every community, but right now, we are experiencing national trends that are making this industry even more in demand. According to IHS Automotive, there are more than 250 million cars on the road in America and these car owners are keeping their cars longer and driving them further than any generation of drivers in the past. With the oldest fleet of cars on the road the United States has ever had—it’s a good time to own an auto repair franchise.

Winning In Business And Living Out Your Faith Are Not Mutually Exclusive.


With a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise, not only can you do both – it’s our way of doing business. Here’s a quick glance at why Christian Brothers is consistently ranked a Top 50 Franchise:


  • We don’t get royalties until you do – our royalty split happens after all expenses are covered. So yes, we have skin in the game too.
  • We don’t need you to know cars – we need you to have a strong and proven leadership background and a drive to be the best in whatever you do.
  • We’ve never closed a location or defaulted on an SBA loan – which makes it easier for you to get financing.
  • We invest in the real estate and construction – so your investment can focus on the business itself.
  • We’re closed on weekends – almost unheard of in the auto industry – so that our franchisees, their teams and their customers can all spend time away from work with their families.

From the first location, our model has been put to the test and proven through over 230 locations and 30 states.

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